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  • Facilities & Technology

    Student Union | Marissa Jones

    You may never have thought of the Student Union as a real-life lesson in environmental studies, but for Marissa Jones it has been exactly that. Marissa first became passionate about sustainability in a course taught by Dr. Megan Styles. After being appointed as the Campus Sustainability Projects Coordinator, Marissa was further excited to learn all the sustainable features included in the Student Union design—features that will qualify the Student Union for a LEED Gold Certification. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, or LEED, is a rating system to evaluate and encourage sustainable design.

    “A LEED Gold Certification will not only save us money,” Marissa says, “but will also prove our motto of ‘Leadership lived’—this time through sustainable infrastructure!

    Learn more about the Student Union’s green features.

  • The Public Good

    Helping Springfield-area Kids Grow Up Great

    For the past six years, approximately 600 local Head Start children have attended two shows at Sangamon Auditorium thanks to a grant from the PNC Foundation “Grow Up Great” initiative. Prior to the performance, Auditorium staff go to all 36 Springfield-area Head Start facilities to prepare children for the performance and leave a book of the play being performed. The program also provides training in the arts for Head Start teachers, and brings Head Start families for an evening performance at the Auditorium. Teachers appreciate the program, as do the families, who have had responses like this to the evening performance:

    “The kids were full of excitement and wonderment.” “My grand-daughter loved it all.” “Thank you for the opportunity to bring my family.”

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  • Center For Lincoln Studies

    Lincoln Legacy Lecture Series

    On November 19, 2002, the Inaugural Lincoln Legacy Lecture took place at UIS. The series has been held every year. More than 5,000 students and community members have attended the lectures over the years, including 600 who attended a special symposium in April 2015 before a re-enactment of Lincoln’s Funeral. Unique to the lecture series is a dual focus on issues important to Lincoln and still important to us today. The 2017 lecture, held on Thursday, October 12, was on the topic of Lincoln and Education.  

    The Lincoln Legacy Lecture series is sponsored by the Center for State Policy and Leadership, in cooperation with the Chancellor Naomi Lynn Distinguished Chair in Lincoln Studies (with many additional co-sponsors and support from alumni and friends).

    Learn more about the Lincoln Legacy Lecture series.


  • Academic Excellence

    Taking on the Challenge of Cyber Security

    Justin Brown is majoring in Information Systems Security at UIS. This past summer, he interned at the Security Operations Center at Horace Mann. He helped to monitor, review and take action on abnormal web or email traffic that might be come through the network. He enjoyed the challenge of staying on top of new attacks and.

    Justin also appreciated the opportunity to apply what he had been learning at UIS. “The Horace Mann internship provided a lot of hands-on experience,” he says, “taking theories and practices I had been learning in my courses at UIS and applying them. UIS definitely sets up their students for success not only in their career path but life in general.”

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  • Scholarships

    "Something I Will Use Every Day"

    Tyshianna Bankhead majors in Sociology Anthropology at UIS because she wants to stand up  against injustice. In the summer of 2017, with the help of the James L. Lundquist Scholarship, she went to The Gambia to work with a local organization seeking to curb traditional practices that harm women. “I get fired up about it because this issue involves the lives of others, and I know we are all part of this life journey together.”

    Tyshianna plans to work for the police department in the Quad Cities area on issues of diversity and ethnic training. “The study abroad gave me new insight about others who live in another community, within another culture, another world—something I will use every day in my career.”