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University of Illinois Springfield

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Animal Protective League Spay/Neuter Clinic Volunteers

9/3/2013  8:00 am

Contact Name

Sarah Moore


Organization Address

1001 Taintor Road
Springfield, IL 62702


Contact Phone

(217) 544-7387


Contact Email


Description of the Mission

The Clinic performs an average of 52 surgeries a day and is an essential function of the organization. Cats and dogs come to the clinic from local pet owners and from other central Illinois shelters and rescues. Volunteers are essential to the clinic’s performance, providing invaluable assistance to our two surgical veterinarians and five veterinary assistants.


Brief Description of Volunteer Duties

Volunteer duties include washing and folding laundry, scrubbing surgical instruments, making surgical packs, cleaning kennels, and providing various items to veterinary assistants during surgery time. Typical volunteers come once a week for about three hours.


Time Commitment of the Position

Typical volunteers come once a week for about three hours. Hours are flexible, but in general we need someone each week day from roughly 9am to noon and noon to 3pm. Coverage is needed Monday afternoons, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday afternoons, and Friday mornings.


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