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Alzheimer's Association, Greater Illinois Chapter - Community Representative

1/25/2013  8:00 am

Contact Name

Adam Castelli


Organization Address

2309 West White Oaks Drive
Springfield, IL 62704 


Contact Phone Number

(217) 801-9356


Contact Email


Description of the Mission

To reduce the impact of Alzheimer's by supporting research into treatments for the disease, helping patients and families deal with the effects, and promoting awareness and health in the community.


Brief Description of the Volunteer Position

Community Representatives are volunteer health educators who represent the Association at events, health fairs, and present short programs about the impact of Alzheimer's disease and the support available to people who are at risk.


Time Requirement of the Position

Community Representatives are expected to secure events independently, to be trained and professional in their demeanor and attire, and to attend or present for at least four events per year.


Is a Background Check Required for this Position?