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Fight for Air Climb '13

2/16/2013  8:00 am

L4L AfterOn Saturday, February 16th, six students from the UIS Leadership for Life service program represented the University in the American Lung Association's annual “Fight for Air Climb” at the Hilton Springfield.


The students climbed 32 flights of stairs to raise money for the ALA, an organization dedicated to fighting asthma, lung cancer, and the dangerous effects of secondhand smoke. The group raised $551 in donations.


The ALA describes the climb as “more than your same old 5K. This event is a vertical race to climb… Springfield’s tallest building.” For climbers, the event is grueling, but deeply rewarding. The ALA proclaims that “the event is a great way to challenge yourself physically. We guarantee that all finishers will have a newfound respect for healthy lungs!”


If you’re interested in the ALA and their important work, sponsor a climber or participate in next year’s Fight for Air Climb. The registration fee for the classic climb is $15, with a minimum of $100 in donations. The ALA holds many other interesting events throughout the year, too. For more info, call their Central Illinois branch at (217) 787-5864 or email them at